L'avvento, MP029, Charging Port, Gold.

LE 95.00


  • Brand: L'avvento
  • Type: Type C to AUX
  • Color: Gold
  • AUX 3.5mm Jack
  • Compatible with: Mobiles & Tablets
  • To Charging + Listen at the same time
  • Model: MP029


L'avvento Type C to AUX connector and Type C charging port – a versatile and innovative solution for all your audio and charging needs. This sleek and compact accessory is designed to seamlessly integrate into your modern lifestyle, providing the ultimate connectivity experience.

Whether you're a music enthusiast, a frequent traveler, or someone who values versatility in their gadgets, L'avvento charging port is the ideal choice. Embrace a world of seamless connectivity and redefine the way you experience audio and charging with L'avvento – where innovation meets performance.

Brand L'avvento
Kind AUX Cable
Connection Type C
Model MP029