Tornado, TEEE-60MW, Water Heater, Electric, 60 Liter, White.

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    • Brand: Tornado
    • Capacity: 60 Liter
    • Type: Electric
    • Power: 1800 Watt
    • Color: White
    • Temperature indicator
    • LED indicator lamp for water heating
    • Overheating sensor
    • Dry heating sensor
    • Faster heating
    • Auto restart function
    • Model: TEEE-60MW


    Tornado electric water heater 60 liter, enamel, LED lamp, white. Immerse yourself in luxurious warmth and elegance!
    Experience the pinnacle of comfort and style with Tornado water heater, a masterpiece of modern technology and design. Crafted for unparalleled performance, this high-capacity water heater seamlessly blends efficiency, durability, and aesthetics, ensuring you enjoy the luxury of indulgent warmth whenever you desire.

    Upgrade your daily routine with Tornado water heater. Transform your showers and household tasks into moments of relaxation and indulgence, and enjoy the luxury of abundant hot water at your fingertips. With Tornado, warmth, innovation, and elegance come together to redefine your everyday life.

    Brand Tornado
    Capacity 60 Liter
    Power Source Electric
    Color White
    Model TEEE-60MW