Tornado, TEEE-80DS, Water Heater, Electric, 80 L, Silver.

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  • Brand: Tornado
  • Capacity: 80 Liters
  • Color: Silver
  • Type: Electric
  • Model: TEEE-80DS
  • Digital screen to show temperature and system errors
  • LED indicator lamp for water heating
  • Button on / off
  • 2 Buttons to control on temperature
  • Overheating sensor
  • Dry heating sensor
  • Drain Outlet
  • Power : 2000 Watt
  • Fast heating


Tornado electric water heater 80 L , Enamel, digital, silver is the perfect way to ensure that you always have hot water on demand. With a capacity of 80 liters, this water heater is large enough to meet the needs of even the largest households. The enamel coating on the inner tank helps to prevent rust and corrosion, while the digital display allows you to easily set the desired temperature.

The water heater also features a number of safety features, including an overheating sensor, a dry heating sensor, and a non-return safety valve.

Order your Tornado water heater today and enjoy hot water on demand for years to come!

Brand Tornado
Capacity 80 Liter
Power Source Electric
Color Silver
2000 Watt
Model TEEE-80DS