Carrier, 42QDMT36N, Air Conditioner, Concealed, 5 HP, Cool And Hot.

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  • Brand: Carrier
  • Capacity: 5 HP
  • Auto Restart Function
  • Type: Concealed
  • Cooling type: Cool And Hot
  • Anti Dust Filter
  • Timer
  • Model: 42QDMT36N


Carrier ClassiCool Pro concealed air conditioner, the ultimate solution for efficient and comfortable climate control in any space. With its advanced features and powerful performance, It is designed to deliver exceptional cooling and heating capabilities, all while remaining discreetly concealed.

With Carrier air conditioner, you can enjoy year-round comfort, energy efficiency, and clean, fresh air. Say goodbye to extreme temperatures and welcome a new era of superior climate control. Experience the ultimate in cooling and heating technology with Carrier today.

Brand Carrier
Capacity 5 HP
Cooling Type Cooling and Heating
Kind concealed
Model 42QDMT36N