Dolphin, S59, Micro Magnet Cable, Black.

LE 85.00

  • Brand: Dolphin
  • Kind: Micro USB Cable
  • Color: Black
  • Cord Length: 1m
  • Model: S59


Introducing the Dolphin Micro Magnet Cable – the epitome of convenience and cutting-edge technology in the world of charging cables. Designed with innovation in mind, this cable transcends traditional charging experiences, providing you with a seamless and efficient way to power up your devices.

Upgrade your charging experience with the Dolphin Micro Magnet Cable – where innovation meets convenience, and reliability meets style. Embrace the future of charging technology and make the smart choice for all your power needs. Get your Dolphin Micro Magnet Cable today and elevate your charging game to a whole new level.

Brand Dolphin
Kind Micro USB Cable
Color Black
Cord Length
Model S59