ETI, BSL200, TV Wall Mount, 42:85 Inch, Silver -

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  • Brand: ETI
  • Color: Silver
  • Adjustable Joint According To The Screen Size
  • Compatible with: 42:85 Inch TVs
  • Easy Installation
  • Model: BSL200


ETI TV wall mount, the perfect solution to elevate your home entertainment experience. Designed to accommodate TVs ranging from 42 to 85 inches, this sleek and sturdy silver wall mount is the ideal choice for both style and functionality.

Enhance your home entertainment setup with the ETI TV wall mount, and transform your living space into a cinematic haven. With universal compatibility, a stylish silver finish, and robust construction, this wall mount is the perfect choice for any TV from 42 to 85 inches. Enjoy a seamless installation process, adjustable viewing angles, and cable management, all while adding a touch of elegance to your home.
Upgrade your TV experience today with ETI TV wall mount, and let your entertainment shine on the silver screen.

Brand ETI
Kind TV Wall Mount
Easy Installation
Adjustable Joint According To The Screen Size Yes
Compatible with 42:85 Inch TVs