Fresh, 14483, Cooker, 5 Burners, 55x80 Cm, Black * Silver.

LE 17,720.00 LE 16,835.00 SAVE 5%

  • Brand: Fresh
  • Type: Gas
  • Size: 55x80 Cm
  • 5 Burners
  • Full Safety
  • Timer
  • Fan
  • Auto Ignition
  • Grill
  • Glass Door
  • Color: Black * Silver
  • Model number: 14483


Fresh cooker – a culinary powerhouse that redefines your kitchen experience with its exceptional performance, innovative features, and uncompromising safety. Elevate your cooking endeavors with the 5-burner masterpiece, complete with an integrated Air Fryer, boasting a generous 55x80 cm cooking surface, all bundled together in a sleek and stylish black design. Say hello to the future of cooking with the Fresh Gas Cooker Hummer, where culinary excellence meets cutting-edge technology.

Fresh cooker is more than just a kitchen appliance – it's a gateway to culinary innovation and indulgence. Elevate your cooking endeavors, make healthier choices, and transform your kitchen into a culinary haven. Embrace the future of cooking – order your Fresh cooker today and embark on a journey of culinary excellence.

Brand Fresh
Burners 5 Burners
Air Fryer Yes
Size 55*80
Model Hummer