Fresh, HAFR60CMSC1, Built In Hob, Gas ,4 Burners, 60 cm, Stainless Steel.

LE 5,610.00 LE 5,335.00 SAVE 5%


  • Brand: Fresh
  • 4 Burners
  • Type: Gas
  • Size: 60 cm
  • Safety Function
  • Self-Ignition
  • Model: HAFR60CMSC1
  • Model number: 500017510


Fresh built-in gas hob, a sleek and efficient addition to your kitchen. Crafted with premium stainless steel, this hob not only elevates the aesthetics of your culinary space but also promises durability and reliability for years to come.

Equipped with robust safety features, including flame failure protection, this hob prioritizes your peace of mind, ensuring safe operation at all times. Whether you're a culinary enthusiast or a seasoned chef, Fresh built-in gas hob is designed to meet your cooking needs with efficiency and style. Elevate your culinary experience today with this premium addition to your kitchen.

Brand Fresh
Burners 4
Color Stainless Steel
Size 60 cm