Gorenje, GW951X, Built-In Hob, 90 CM, 5 Burners, Stainless.

LE 31,550.00 LE 30,035.00 SAVE 5%


  • Brand: Gorenje
  • Size: 90 cm
  • Color: Stainless
  • Model: GW951X
  • Fuel: Gas
  • Burners: 5
  • Auto Ignition


Gorenje built-in hob, 90 cm, with 5 gas burners and cast iron grates. Elevate your cooking with performance and safety. Experience the pinnacle of culinary excellence with the Gorenje Hob, a masterpiece that seamlessly combines advanced technology with sleek design.

With 5 powerful gas burners, cast iron grates, and stainless steel finish, this hob redefines cooking efficiency while emphasizing safety and modern aesthetics.

It isn't just a kitchen appliance; it's a platform for culinary exploration. Whether you're stir-frying, simmering, or sautéing, this hob empowers you to create exceptional dishes with precision and confidence. Elevate your cooking space and redefine the art of preparing meals. Choose Gorenje for a hob that harmonizes innovation, safety, and aesthetics to inspire your culinary journey.

Brand Gorenje
Color Stainless steel
5 Burners
Auto Ignition Yes
Size 90 CM
Safety Yes
Model GW951X