IDO, TO45SG-BK, Electric Oven, 45 Liters, 1800 Watt, Black/Silver.

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  • Brand: IDO
  • Type: Electric Oven
  • Color: Black/Silver
  • Capacity: 45 Liter
  • Model: TO45SG-BK
  • Installation: Freestanding

Introducing the IDO Freestanding Electric Oven - TO45SG-BK, a compact and efficient culinary powerhouse designed to elevate your cooking experience. With its 45-liter capacity and 1800-watt heating element, this freestanding electric oven brings versatility and convenience to your kitchen, all wrapped in an elegant black and silver design.
Discover Culinary Excellence: Unleash your culinary creativity with the IDO Freestanding Electric Oven TO45SG-BK. Experience the perfect blend of efficiency, versatility, and style as you create delectable dishes for your loved ones. Redefine your cooking journey with the TO45SG-BK Electric Oven, your ultimate partner in culinary excellence.
Brand IDO
Capacity 45 Liter
power 1800 Watt
Model TO45SG-BK