Joyroom, JR-s1000, AUX Cable, Black.

LE 75.00

  • Brand: Joyroom
  • Type: AUX Cable
  • Color: Black
  • Cord Length: 1m
  • Connectivity: 3.5mm Port
  • Model: JR-s1000


Joyroom Aux cable – your gateway to seamless audio connectivity!
Unleash the power of premium sound with Joyroom Aux cable, a cutting-edge audio accessory designed to elevate your listening experience. Whether you're in your car, at home, or on the go, this versatile auxiliary cable ensures a crystal-clear connection between your devices, delivering a rich and immersive audio experience like never before.

Upgrade your audio connectivity with Joyroom Aux cable – where quality, versatility, and durability converge to redefine your auditory experience. Immerse yourself in the world of superior sound, and make every listening session a joyous affair!

Brand Joyroom
Kind AUX Cable
Color Black
Cord Length
3.5mm Port