Kenwood, HFP30.000BK, Air Fryer 1.7 Kg, 3.8 Liters, Black.

LE 9,250.00 LE 8,199.00 SAVE 11%

  • Brand: Kenwood
  • Capacity: 1.7 KG - 3.8 Liters
  • It fries with 1 oil-spoon only
  • LCD Touch screen display
  • Adjustable temperature.
  • 4 Programs
  • Color: Black
  • Power: 1500 Watt
  • Timer
  • Model: HFP30.000BK


Kenwood air fryer, this innovative kitchen appliance revolutionizes the way you cook, allowing you to enjoy crispy and delicious meals with less oil and hassle. Experience the perfect blend of convenience, versatility, and healthy cooking with Kenwood air fryer.

Upgrade your cooking experience with Kenwood air fryer. Enjoy healthier and more delicious meals without compromising on taste. With its large capacity, intuitive controls, and versatile functionality, this air fryer is a must-have for health-conscious food enthusiasts. Embrace a healthier lifestyle and unleash your culinary creativity with Kenwood air fryer.

Brand Kenwood
Capacity 1.7 Kg
Model HFP30.000BK
power 1500watt