La Germania, 9M10G4A1X4AWW, Cooker, 90 CM, 5 Burners, Stainless x Black

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  • Brand: La Germania
  • Size: 90 Cm
  • 5 Burners
  • Color: Stainless X Black
  • Fan
  • Thermostat to Control Oven Temperature
  • Touch Timer with Alarm
  • Interior Light
  • Easy Controlling For Moving Shelves ( 5 Positions )
  • Grill
  • Model: 9M10G4A1X4AWW


La Germania 90 Cm, a premium range cooker that embodies the perfect blend of Italian craftsmanship, innovative features, and timeless design. With its spacious 90 cm size and a host of advanced functionalities, this range cooker elevates your culinary experience to new heights.

Unlock your culinary potential with La Germania cooker. From sumptuous roasts to delicate pastries, this versatile and beautifully designed appliance empowers you to create masterpieces that delight your family and guests alike. Embrace the passion, precision, and craftsmanship of La Germania and discover a world of culinary excellence in your kitchen.

Brand La Germania
Color Stainless X Black
Size 90 CM
Burners 5 Burners
Safety yes
Fan Yes
Model 9M10G4A1X4AWW90