Tornado, TCME-100S-PRO, Turkish Coffee Maker, 735 Watt, Brown x Black.

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  • Brand: Tornado
  • Coffee Maker Pot Capacity : Maximum ( 4 Cups / 330 ml ) of Turkish Coffee
  • Model: TCME-100S-PRO
  • Power : 735 Watt
  • Voltage : 220 - 240 Volt
  • Color : Brown x Black
  • Usable Coffee type : Powder
  • Intuitional Control Panel With LED Light
  • Removable Water Tank ( 1 Liter )
  • On - Off Button
  • Low Water Level Alert
  • Coffee Measuring Spoon


Tornado automatic Turkish coffee maker, where innovation meets tradition to bring you the perfect cup of Turkish coffee effortlessly. With its sleek brown x black color combination and a generous 330ml water tank, this coffee maker is designed to infuse the rich flavors and aromas of authentic Turkish coffee into every brew.

Discover the art of Turkish coffee: Unlock the secrets of Turkish coffee brewing with it. Experience the perfect blend of innovation and tradition as you immerse yourself in the art of making authentic Turkish coffee. Redefine your coffee journey with, your ultimate partner in Turkish coffee excellence.

Brand Tornado
power 735 Watt
Model TCME-100S-PRO
Capacity 4 Cups / 330 ml