Tornado, MX900/2, Blender, 1.5 Liter, White x Grey.

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  • Brand: Tornado
  • Capacity: 1.5 Liter
  • Color: White x Grey
  • Power: 250 Watt
  • Model: MX900/2
  • 2 Mills
  • 2 Speeds and pulse control
  • Voltage: 220 V


Tornado blender, a versatile and efficient kitchen appliance designed to elevate your blending experience. With its powerful 250-watt motor, generous 1.5-liter capacity, and two mills included, this blender offers exceptional performance for a variety of blending and grinding tasks. Say goodbye to uneven blending and hello to the convenience and precision ofTornado blender.

Upgrade your blending experience with Tornado blender. Enjoy powerful blending performance, versatile functionality, and a sleek design that enhances your kitchen. Simplify your food preparation and embrace the convenience and reliability of Tornado blender. Say goodbye to uneven blending and hello to perfectly blended creations with Tornado blender.

Brand Tornado
Speed 2 Speeds
Mills 2 Mills
power 250 Watt
Model MX900/2
Capacity 1.5 Liter