Tornado, GHE-C06CTE-W, Water Heater, Gas, 6 L, White.

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  • Brand: Tornado
  • Capacity: 6 Liters
  • Type: Gas
  • Color: White
  • Digital display screen
  • Battery indicator
  • Control of gas quantity
  • Control of water pressure
  • Control of temperature of water
  • Overheating protection
  • Model: GHE-C06CTE-W


Tornado gas water heater, designed to provide efficient and reliable hot water solutions for your home. With its sleek white design, this water heater seamlessly blends into any modern living space while delivering exceptional performance.

Upgrade your home's hot water system with Tornado gas water heater and experience unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and comfort every day.

Brand Tornado
Capacity 6 L
Type Gas
Color White
Model GHE-C06CTE-W