Tornado, HB-250T, Hand Blender, 700 ml, White.

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  • Brand: Tornado
  • Capacity: Cup: 700 ml - Chopper: 500 ml
  • Color: White
  • Power: 250 Watt
  • Model: HB-250T
  • One speed
  • Voltage : 220 - 240 Volt
  • Stainless Steel Whisk


Tornado hand blender, a versatile kitchen tool that brings convenience and efficiency to your culinary endeavors. With its powerful 250-watt motor and sleek white design, it combines functionality with style.

Upgrade your culinary adventures with Tornado hand blender. Whether you're whipping up a quick smoothie, preparing a gourmet sauce, or whisking up a delightful dessert, this hand blender will become your trusted ally in the kitchen. Experience the power, versatility, and style of it and elevate your cooking with ease. Prepare to blend, chop, and whisk like a pro and enjoy the efficiency of this handy kitchen tool.

Brand Tornado
power 250 Watt
Model HB-250T
Whisk Measuring Cup Capacity 700 ML
Chopper Capacity 500 ML
Stainless Steel Blade Yes